Paint and Decor

Paint and Decor

First impressions do count, which is why it’s important that your decoration and painting is finished to a high standard.

A bad paint job could give the wrong impression about your house, company or building, which is why ALSABIQ provides professional painting and decorating services to a wide range of customers and industries to maintain and improve their property’s professional appearance.

Quality Work

We use a dedicated team of painter decorators who understand the importance of getting a perfect finish. Whether you want a full decoration job or someone to come and fill the cracks and holes in your walls, we can help.

Our skilled decorators are available to perform everything from simple patch-ups to full-room wallpapering and everything in between. They are perfectionists who attack every job with the same level of professionalism, no matter how complicated.

Where To Start

So if you don’t know where to start on your decorating project like Home, Office, Apartment, Villa, Exterior Painting and Decorating Services in Dubai, hand it over to the professionals at ALSABIQ. They have the skills to transform a tired room into something really special, and they perform their work with minimum fuss or mess, and all for a remarkably reasonable price.

When your home needs its interior or exterior paint, you might do this job yourself but in the long running paint work might costs more time and money. Hiring a professional painter is always worth the money you spend, mainly because the job is guaranteed to be done correctly in the first time.


Paint and Decor

For basic paint project you need Two inch blue painter’s tape Drop cloth Sandpaper Tri-sodium phosphate One and half or two inch sash brush Two or three inch flat sash brush Disposable liners and paint brush Nine inch roller, Screw on extension pole and roller cover
Brush painting Spray painting Using Roller Using painting pads
To paint your room perfectly you require Roll the full height of the wall and keep a wet edge, this would help you to avoid lap marks In a large bucket mix several cans of paint to get a consistent color throughout the room To get a perfect edge, first let the paint dry and later you can cut the tape loose Paint in this order: Trim first, Ceiling and Wall To avoid a blotchy finish prime and texture wall patches Clean dirty surfaces so that the paint can form a strong bond For consistent textures roll paint along the edges Feather out paint whenever you cannot keep a wet edge Sand trim between coats to have an ultra-smooth finish Use cotton drop cloth to protect the floor
Unlike normal color, you cannot clean up oil paints with water. You have to use mineral spirits or turpentine to take paint out of the brushes.
Ideal distance between the wall and sprayer is 12 to 24 inches.
Goggles Respirator ( HEPA) Spray sock Gloves Full body coveralls
To paint walls and ceiling you can use 200 mm pads, and for cutting around the edges you can use 30mm-50mm pads To load the color on the pad use a special tray which is designed for color pad. The pad must be kept flat on the wall or ceiling and moved gently on either side
Our services includes Smart Home, Paint and Decor, Duct Cleaning, Renovation, plumbing,fit-out and Electrical.